Getting used to WordPress

I’m loving WordPress: all that information at one’s fingertips, the  list of automatically generated similar posts, the automatic snaring of possible spam etc etc. But there are one or two puzzling oddities. On my “Dashboard” I’m given a list of the links on my site that people have clicked on, and a list of the sites that have referred people here. Today the former list included three porn sites. I went through my site, including a look at the source code, and couldn’t find any such links here. And  the other list included referrals from a site that, when I went to it, was some kind of template, unreadable and containing no discernible link to me.

Oh well. I suppose some of it is my own fault somehow for using the word “er*t*c*” in not one but two titles. Mind you, that word has attracted very few searches and only one comment promoting steamy prose so far, so it doesn’t look like a disaster at all.

What do you think?

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