Annandale pride

When I mentioned to a neighbour that I have a blog where I occasionally post snaps from around Annandale, she said she had an idea for me: ‘If archaeologists are sifting through the ruins of Annandale one day, they might think we worshipped lions. You should photograph some of them and make a joke about pride.’

So here they are, all within a hundred metres of each other, though they’re not a pride because, oddly enough, they’re all male.

IMG_3356 IMG_3357




4 responses to “Annandale pride

  1. Reminds me of a scene in Hitchhiker’s Guide where an entire planet falls into ruin because its population had a prediliction for opening shoe-stores.
    If Annandale’s were to fall, would it be lion-related?


  2. And all in pairs. Hmm, those archaeologists might think you worshipped homosexual lions, hmmmm? Gives a whole new meaning to pride.


  3. @franzy and M-H: When I was casting around for pride-related puns for the title, I completely missed Pride coming before a Fall and Gay Pride. If there’s been a competition, you would have shared first prize.


  4. And we posted at almost exactly the same moment too>


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