4.30 am NYC

Because of frequent flier stuff I’m flying home from Paris via New York, while Penny is doing the sensible thing, flying via Hong Kong and getting home 36 hours before me. At least that was the plan. She’s just texted that her Air France plane was leaking oil and has been diverted to Manila. I’m wide awake in the city that never sleeps posting to my clog from my not-an-iPhone. 24 channels, nothing worth watching except a senate enquiry into contractors (ie for profit armies) and moron Girls Gone Wild

3 responses to “4.30 am NYC

  1. Wonderful title for an entry. Full of promise. Pity it was so depressing! 🙂


  2. Sorry — and also sorry for clog instead of blog and moron instead of moronic. If I hadn’t accidentally pressed send on the phone I would have explained that Girls Gone Wild was a very long ad for a porn CD, with big pink CENSORED signs where presumably the CD would show intimate parts. The senate enquiry was actually very interesting in a droning sort of way


  3. You don’t need to apologise! It was moody and honest. 🙂 Just not intriguing.


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