Dust in my feed

We woke to a weird light in Sydney this morning. As I emptied out kitchen compost into the backyard bin I looked back into the kitchen and it looked astonishingly white and crisp in a tawny world. The car looks as if it’s been on a trip to Bourke. I didn’t take a photo myself, but I’ve just found these in my RSS feed:

7.08 am: Welcome to planet Vulcan (Have phaser will travel)

7.14 am: Obligatory Sydney dust storm photo (Hoyden about town)

8.02 am: Life on Mars (The witty knitter)

8.20 am: Sydney at dawn (Larvatus Prodeo)

Added later: Someone in San Francisco has got a Flickr gallery up already.

3 responses to “Dust in my feed

  1. Does that teach anyone anything at all?


  2. Carolyn: You mean, as in ‘Is there a moral to this?’ That ecological disaster can be beautiful?


  3. Oh that’s lovely Jonathan. What about ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

    I have a tendency to see morals – I’m a mother, it comes naturally. Or maybe it’s my methodist and salvation army ancestors trying to tell me something.


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