LoSoRhyMo 3: Flugtag

There’s more to life, even in Sydney, than house prices.

Some honey bees in the Flugtag competitors queue.

Sonnet 3: Flugtag
Flightday: young people spread their wings
where Ms Macquarie sat of yore.
Buzz Lightyear, bees and Monkey kings,
James Cook (with convicts) try to soar
in would-be gliders they’ve designed –
fantasies to blow your mind –
Hills Hoist, muffin, wedding cake,
but most plunge straight down to the lake.*
We joined the crowd outside the fence,
groupies for The Tent That Flew
(its crew: three scouts, one kangaroo,
one son of mine). And though the gents
who judged them scored them pretty low
they were the best in all the show.

The Tent (in glider configuration) in the queue. At the mike the pilot explained that they had come the night before to earn their Sleeping with Mrs M badges, and decided to compete in Flugtag almost by accident. Theirs was the wittiest talk to the mike we heard and they flew the third furthest.

* Well, it would have been the lake if we’d been at the Minneapolis Flugtag, say. Here it was actually the Harbour. But what rhymes with ‘harbour’?

8 responses to “LoSoRhyMo 3: Flugtag

  1. Farber. (doesn’t that mean “maker”?) German is rusty!


  2. Perfect, Susan! My German is non-existent, but the Latin faber rhymes in Australian English, which doesn’t pronounce the first i in harbour and even features in my son’s old high school motto. I’ll squirrel it away for future rhymes.


  3. On such a day, I do miss Sydney.


  4. Barber!
    garb or
    larb or
    barb, a
    Could be a poem about getting ready for a big date to eat Thai food, which ends badly.


  5. Ah, Jane, maybe at the end of my sonnet writing month such rhymes will spring to my mind.


  6. Abigail Godard Dunleavy

    This is brilliant in that exhilarating way that fun is brilliant; it writes itself.

    I first looked at it the other night but I couldn’t get the context so I left it and came back just now, determined to crack the code, hahaa
    Umm, opening the “Tent That Flew” link helped !

    How fantastic and it makes a lot of sense of yur little rhyme, great. Only wish I’d gone but will plan for next year. Best, Abigail (really enjoy your blog)


  7. Greetings,
    Arbour rhymes with harbour. Trees would brake a fall.
    The challenge is to put in “before the sea level rose.”


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