Maybe not so lucky

Having been encouraged by the MelbourneAge recently to believe I was lucky not to be a Victorian, I had my new optimism crushed by the weekend’s Saturday Age, in an otherwise unexceptional article by Adrian Franklin on how cities differ from one another:


I case you can’t see it in the photo, the bit that made the scales fall from my eyes goes like this:

Some cities have a buzz, a vibe, an aliveness that makes you feel great to be a part of, others barely raise a smile… Relaxed Melbourne is atmospheric day and night; try-too-hard Sydney is soulless, invariably.

Sydneysiders, we’ve been told!

3 responses to “Maybe not so lucky

  1. Hmm, they obviously need a proof-reader, as they got the subjects of those final two clauses backwards. I don’t want to say that Melbourne’s soulless, but I do have to wonder why EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE DAMN CITY wears black all the time. In SUMMER!

    Sydney caresses, invariably.


  2. I love Melbourne, but the bits of Sydney that I love are probably those that are most like Melbourne. Hmmmm.


  3. In my 20s I used to take the train to Melbourne for the weekend a couple of times a year to go to the theatre, and apart from the bitter cold of their winters I just loved the place. I still do. It’s true, Will, that black is even more evident there than in Sydney (we went out on NYE with three women, all wearing nothing but black). The Art Student thinks we’re probably both temperamentally better suited to Melbourne, but with the Sydney Festival just a day away, I tend to disagree. Federation Square is cool, but it feels awfully deliberate compared to Macquarie Street / the Domain / the Opera House / Martin Place.


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