Dr Karl regrets

In case you missed it, Karl Kruszelnicki has gone public with his views of the Intergenerational Report: ‘It should have acknowledged that climate change is real, and that we cause it, and that it’s going to be messy.’

2 responses to “Dr Karl regrets

  1. Unsurprising that the fascist LNP should lie to good-guy Dr Karl to get him to front their IGReport release – surprising that Dr Karl should have been as gullible as to believe that they had good/honest intentions! I don’t point fingers at Dr Karl – at least now he is awake to their devious ways. The only thing is that henceforth every replay by the govt of their Dr Karl-fronted propaganda should be preceded by a disclaimer from the same Dr Karl that what follows is not entirely honest nor consistent with his own principles as a scientist – with his added support for proper CSIRO funding restored and enhanced! Paid for by the current lying government!


  2. Say what you really think, Jim! Actually, Dr Karl is presumably keeping to the terms of his contract in his statement of regret. Greg Jericho in the Guardian, under no contractual gag, is much more severe: ‘The Intergenerational report released on Thursday is a document so weighed down with imagined economic assumptions made for partisan political reasons that it is barely worth reading, let alone being the basis of a “conversation” with the Australian people about the next 40 years.’


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