Daily Archives: 8 June 2008

Corner store update

[Because the older version of this blog has become unreachable, I am retrieving at least occasional posts from it that I see people trying to click on. This is one from October 2008.]

>IMG_2727.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about our block’s long, slow journey towards once again having a functioning corner store. There have been signs of progress lately. The windows have been replaced, or at least had their woodwork scraped back and varnished, and noises and lights have been reported at odd times of the day and night, mostly on weekends. Sadly, before I could have a stickybeak and maybe take a photo of developments, all the windows had white paper sticky-taped to their insides, so developments have been shrouded in mystery … until today, when a news bulletin appeared on one of the papered windows:


I don’t know that I’d thought of the corner shop as an icon, but it certainly has been a treasured institution, and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking: ‘Come, September!’