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Literal erasure

I’ve been walking past this rubbish bin outside the Marrickville Metro for a couple of weeks. It just occurred to me that the attack on this tiny, neat graffiti is an example of literal erasure of First Nations peoples in history. For what it’s worth:

Marrickville’s phantom mattress poet(s), Part 2

It’s 20 months since I posted about Marrickville’s mattress poetry. This morning wandering through the back lanes on my way home from the library, I saw not one but two more examples, these ones initialled by the poet, and I read them as a sequence:

Mattress sprung

Mattress roses

The sequence was made doubly poignant by the meaty smell that filled the lane as I took this photo – a man was hefting carcases from a refrigerated truck with ‘Lamb from the Wiradjuri Country’ emblazoned on its side.

Evanescent park art

A while back I wrote a couple of posts about shoes abandoned or carefully posed in the streets near my place. Well, we’re moving on to other accessories.  Or rather, one accessory, which seems to be moving around Enmore Park when no one is watching. I’ve seen this glove a number of times, in a number of places, but only snapped it twice.

Here it is, pretending to be a leaf:


And here, skewered:


More evanescent street art?

Have I stumbled on a secret art movement? Here’s another carefully posed shoe spotted while walking the dog.


Evanescent street art

I came across three pairs of discarded shoes on my dog-walk today. This pair seemed to have been placed with a photographer in mind. Maybe they’re trying to tell us something.IMG_0745

Scary sign

Seen in the Marrickville Metro:

True, that’s what I saw! Nicabate supporting someone’s suicide pledge! What I saw when I looked again, and what was in this photo before I took to it with the eraser tool, was ‘STOP SMOKING DAY’ after ‘WORLD’. How useful a comma would have been after “QUIT’!




Length? Reach?


A greengrocer’s apostrophe has escaped and been seen at this block of flats in Victoria Road, Marrickville. Approach with caution, as it is believed to breed at a phenomenal  rate.

For Nicola

What better way to acknowledge and welcome editorabbit, cranky pedant and rabbit lover, to the blogosphere than to share a couple of images from the World That Gets By Without Editors.

This is from King Street South in Newtown. It repeats its two-A’d message in an endless animated loop.20111019-122443.jpg

And I have wanted to take a photo of this sign for a long time. It’s one of three at the corner of Salisbury Road and Australia Street in Camperdown. Two have this charming variant spelling.

SO welcome, editorabbit. The world is so full of a number of such things. I look forward to seeing many more on your site.

Rhyll McMaster at Sappho’s

Next door to Gleebooks, Sappho’s Book Shop stages monthly poetry readings. Last night Rhyll McMaster read from her next book – she’s writing poetry again after years engaged one way or another with the novel Feather Man.

No one was smoking in Sappho’s courtyard, but I like the way this phone photo suggests the classic smoke-filled ambience for poetry reading.

Not the rabbit-proof fence

… although maybe these all got impaled when they tried to get into the property at Easter