Scary sign

Seen in the Marrickville Metro:

True, that’s what I saw! Nicabate supporting someone’s suicide pledge! What I saw when I looked again, and what was in this photo before I took to it with the eraser tool, was ‘STOP SMOKING DAY’ after ‘WORLD’. How useful a comma would have been after “QUIT’!



3 responses to “Scary sign

  1. More to do with layout I think, Jonathan.


    I gave up smoking, in fact, in early February 1982 – while living at 25 Calvert Street, MARRICKVILLE! (From around 60+ a day!) Without hypnotism/acupuncture/drug intervention – just the desire to stop! (A Seventh-day Adventist childhood had laid important ground-work – and a BBC TV program on smoking and its deleterious effects had put the final nails into the coffin of my resolve!) And never smoked since – apart from passively – when it was unable to be avoided!

    While walking the 1200 km 88-temple pilgrimage around Shikoku just three years ago I entered a café for a morning set (breakfast) – hard to make out in the smoke-filled gloom anything at all, while outside from the balcony a wonderful view over the sparkling and tranquil and fresh-aired springtime Pacific Ocean. Do you mind if I eat out there, I asked, anticipating no worry, but was brought up short when the waiter said no – there was only him to look after the café. But everyone in here is smoking, I blurted out – though feeling half-sorry for the smokers, mind. At which point the waiter retreated and waved his hand for me to proceed to the balcony. I had a perfect breakfast, wrote up my diary, and when I went back in to pay the place was empty. Look, I’m sorry for being a bit intransigent before, I said – I used to be a smoker myself, but now (dressed in my special pilgrim’s hard) I want to be healthy. It turned out that he, too, had given up smoking. We were on the same side!


  2. Old editors never die, Jonathan.


  3. shawjonathan

    .. they just run out of blue pencils.
    Speaking of which, yes, Jim, layout might have helped, but ‘ON’ instead of ‘THIS’ would have been even better – and saved space as well.


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