The saga of the corner shop: links

For anyone interested, here are links all my blog entries on the Return of the Corner Shop to Annandale Street:

26 January 2007: The corner store makes a comeback

9 April 2007: Progress at the corner

22 January 2008: ‘as soon as we get it done’

26 February 2008: Our corner: Progress report 4

8 June 2008: Corner store update

11 September 2008: Konnichiwa

14 October 2008: Asymptotic movement at the corner

16 November 2008: The corner shop opening day recedes again

12 January 2009: Waiting for Latte, episode cxxvii

6 February 2009: The approaching latte

19 February 2009: Lenten vicissitudes

20 February 2009: Dispatch from the corner store

5 April 2009: Again a little while and we will see it

8 May 2009: No corner shop in time for the ascension

28 June 2009: Swish doors

29 June 2009: Foreshadowing

9 July 2009: Development application

22 July 2009: The (inside) story so far

9 August 2009: I’ll miss the big event!

20 September 2009: Revolver unveiled

30 October 2009: Revolver: the paper battle

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