The saga of the corner shop: links

For anyone interested, here are links all my blog entries on the Return of the Corner Shop to Annandale Street:

26 January 2007: The corner store makes a comeback

9 April 2007: Progress at the corner

22 January 2008: ‘as soon as we get it done’

26 February 2008: Our corner: Progress report 4

8 June 2008: Corner store update

11 September 2008: Konnichiwa

14 October 2008: Asymptotic movement at the corner

16 November 2008: The corner shop opening day recedes again

12 January 2009: Waiting for Latte, episode cxxvii

6 February 2009: The approaching latte

19 February 2009: Lenten vicissitudes

20 February 2009: Dispatch from the corner store

5 April 2009: Again a little while and we will see it

8 May 2009: No corner shop in time for the ascension

28 June 2009: Swish doors

29 June 2009: Foreshadowing

9 July 2009: Development application

22 July 2009: The (inside) story so far

9 August 2009: I’ll miss the big event!

20 September 2009: Revolver unveiled

30 October 2009: Revolver: the paper battle

6 responses to “The saga of the corner shop: links

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  2. So – what’s the story four years on? More howling dogs and out-of-control pram pushers? Neighbourhood deep in cast-of fag packets? Anarchists gathering to plot the end of the world? Croissants stale? Lattes curdled?

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  3. Thanks you for reading this whole saga, Josie. I’ve never had so many likes in one day. Sadly for the objectors, the cafe seems to have gone from strength to strength in the last 11 years (not just four). I moved out of the area quite a while back, and Rod sold the business and moved on to other visionary projects. Next time I’m over that way I must take a photo and post a little postscript.

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  4. The Ballad of the Sad Cafe Success Story. (Thanks for the update!)

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  5. Can the deadlinks be resussicated? resuscitaed recussitated? I’m not sure how to spell that word. Can they be brought back to the saga?
    – 19 February 2009: Lenten vicissitudes
    – 8 May 2009: No corner shop in time for the ascension


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