No corner shop in time for the ascension

I ran into Rod the corner shop reviver the other day and asked him if Revolver would be open for Ascension Day. ‘When’s that?’ he asked. When I told him it was forty days after Easter, he replied in the emphatic negative. Shortly after that conversation, this notice appeared in the window:


In case you can’t read it because of the lovely suburban sunset glare, it says:

I know, the last one was the “last” update …

But this one is YOUR fault … you guys keep telling me you like
them .. so I now like writing them


The cafe is nearly finished (so am I!). Thanks again for everyone
who gave words of encouragement … it really helped me. The reason it has
taken so long is … LACK OF MONEY (not passion). Now we are just
doing finishing touches … then finding staff, suppliers, etc … Hang in there
it will be worth it … People ask me, ‘What style will it be?’ Well not to
give too much away but it’s an eclectiv mix of antique beauty with a hiphop street
beat … Food will be simple (I hate pretentious food) … awesum coffee and all local
friendly staff … can’t say any more …even tho I want to.

Oh and as for when will al this finally happen? … SOON!!! Or else they will be reopening Callan Park just for me!!!

Much love again


Cute little lights have appeared at the front of the shop:


The balcony is built, complete with bullnose awning. Iron lace and railing are
stacked on the veranda, not visible here:


Rod and Chie, the owners, have made their mark in the footpath outside the converted
butcher shop next door:


And just because it’s there, here’s a tiny replica of Michelangelo’s Moses that passes for a garden gnome in this part of the world.

3 responses to “No corner shop in time for the ascension

  1. #Snap!
    We got a fish and chippery plus bar (!) opening up near us. It’s been “opening up” for over a year now…


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