The approaching latte

Another update has appeared at the corner shop.

Last update.jpg

This, plus the appearance of a tall besser brick wall out the back, behind which extensions to ‘the residence’ have arisen, is the only sign of an approaching opening. Christmas, like September, has come and gone. Easter is now proclaimed as a firm date. In case you can’t read the phone photo, the sign says:

Firstly I really want to thank all the locals who have given me such amazing encouragement & support thru this (two year) ordeal … There were so many delays & problems to overcome I had to go and get a fulltime job to pay bills. THIS IS WHY IT HAS TAKEN US THIS LONG … But now I can happily say the shop is near finished & we will open some time around easter!!! We will be a 40 seat cafe with some general store items for all us locals. Good food, good coffee, good music & good vibes. I see this as more YOUR! place that I will be running. Just a cool local lounge to create a neighbourhood vibe, unpretentious & honest. Everyone asks about the mermaid!! Don’t worry … she stays … And again thanks & love to Annandale for such kind words thru this hard time… it really kept me going. I can’t wait to show & share with you the passion I have created here. I love it so much. Also the group of you that was talking about the ‘billycart race’ … don’t stop … It’s a great idea & we should make it an annual.
much love

I don’t know anything about the billycart race, and I guess Revolver is a good nom de guerre for someone called Rod.

So, there’s to be a resurrection at Easter!

What do you think?

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