Daily Archives: 19 February 2009

Lenten vicissitudes at the corner shop

Plywood structures have appeared at the corner. For a little while we saw them, and then again a little while, as it turns out, and we’re not seeing them: a guy with a hammer was taking them down again today. The reason for this seems to be partly bureaucratic hostility on the part of Leichhardt Council (who originally refused to grant permission for a balcony unless the shop owners paid to have the appallingly broken footpath repaired, but lost their case at the Land and Environment Court). But the bureaucracy can claim to be responding to a local outcry: it seems that a mysterious neighbour, hellbent on placing obstacles in the way of the approaching cafe, complained to the Council about having unpainted plywood adorning our corner. So the ply will be painted and put up again, and will stay there for a week or so as the balcony/awning is built.


I can’t give you photos of the transforming interior, but there have been sneak previews, and I can tell you our new corner shop / cafe will have style. Revolver is to be its name.