‘as soon as we get it done’

[Because the older version of this blog has become unreachable, I am retrieving at least occasional posts from it that I see people trying to click on. This is one from January 2008.]

This one isn’t about India but our transmogrifying corner shop. Come to think of it, the corner shop was dressed up with Hindu arches and populated by people in kurtas and saris for an ad shoot one week last year, so there’s a connection.

There has been progress. After being stalled for months by the objections of one neighbour, who evidently didn’t warm to the prospect of having people sitting out on the footpath drinking coffee and eating cake within shouting distance of her front yard, the development application has been approved. Once again we hear the sound of hammering from behind closed doors; the doors themselves have had several coats of paint blow-torched off them, and this cheerful note has appeared:


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