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Our corner: Progress report 4

[Because the older version of this blog has become unreachable, I am retrieving at least occasional posts from it that I see people trying to click on. This is one from February 2008.]

As promised a little over a year ago, I’ve been posting about developments at our corner shop. Things seem to be coming to a head, although the only obvious sign of progress at the moment is a lot of texta on the door. Still, though we’ve lost our corner rubbish bin, arguably because of the threat of terror (though more likely because it interfered with the Indian-theme Amex ad shoot in the middle of last year), the politics of hope is alive and well in this part of the world: here’s a sample of the hopes and dreams of people of Our Block. Who knows what the blacked out request was? What will become of the mermaid — will democracy decide? Would Newtownfolk approve of being identified as lentilburger munchers? Where will the sourdough come from? Fajitas? Alcohol? These questions and more may be answered in June.


Is this a senryu?

Risotto nero
last Friday at Bondi Beach
poo still black today