Exemplary journalism (irony alert)

Did anyone else notice in the 7.30 Report’s segment on parallel import of books last night the bit where the commentator said that on the one hand, those who argued for the lifting of restrictions said that the music industry had suffered no ill effects from the lifting of similar restrictions on importing CDs, and on the other hand those who argued the opposite said that there had been massive loss of jobs as a result of the change, and missed out the fairly obvious next step of telling us which of those two assertions was borne out by the facts.

This was the ABC, where ‘balance’ is now apparently valued above finding out the facts.

3 responses to “Exemplary journalism (irony alert)

  1. At least they’re not simply referring to online feedback forums for their informed comment … yet.

    Franzy from Middle Austraya


  2. shawjonathan

    No. They still have some shame on the ABC.


  3. adevotedreader

    I wondered if I’d missed something when I saw this last night- I thought I’d just been distracted by the cricket!


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