Cromwell & Tucker

In this video Alastair Campbell, former mover and shaker in the British government, talks to fabulous film critic Mark Kermode about the In the Loop character said to be based on him.

I don’t know about you, but I was both amused and chastened.

Here’s a thought. Could it be that Malcolm Tucker in In the Loop and Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall are really the same character seen through different lenses?

2 responses to “Cromwell & Tucker

  1. this is great 🙂 The Malcolm Tucker character is brilliant, I find myself quoting his ascerbic insults, much to the horror of anyone who hasn’t seen the film!!!
    Now, i Haven’t read Wolf Hall, so i’ll refrain from comment on that part!


  2. Quoting Malcolm Tucker is bit like Seymour Glass saying that what he wanted to be when he returned to civilian life was a dead cat. It sounds completely unhinged to anyoe who doesn’t get the reference. Of course more people will have seen In the Loop than have read the obscure Chinese poet Seymour was referrring to.


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