I’ve been mentioned!

I may be easily thrilled , but thrilled I am. I’ve been mentioned in a review – Tim Howard’s review of Going Down Swinging No  28 in the July–August 2009 issue of the Australian Book Review.

In case you can’t read it, the bit that thrills me is this:

[Lisa] Greenaway and her co-editor, Klare Lanson, share a taste for free verse; their selections include pithy and expansive poems. Jonathan Shaw’s ‘Correspondence’ is a concise, sardonic jab at historical amnesia and bureaucratic impotence.

And I don’t even know Tim Howard!

13 responses to “I’ve been mentioned!

  1. YAY! Best things in there so of course you should be praised. Theyr’e great! Be thrilled to bits.

  2. Hey an equally thrilling bit is the later ‘another highlight’… besides YOU, that is.

  3. Edwina: *Blushes* That is exactly what nieces are supposed to say, so thank you.

    Jane: I agree that ‘Choose Your Own Advent’ is a brilliant title.

  4. I was temporarily mystified by this comment because I actually hadn’t got past the words ‘another highlight’ – I meant that they underlined that your poem is the FIRST highlight.

  5. Jane: It just shows what a deeply modest person I am that I didn’t get that.

  6. Have you arrived, do you think?

  7. Oh the paparazzi are such a bother!

  8. So pleased for you! Congratulations. I love the way you put it up on the blog in 2 forms for some of us slightly visually impaired ones.

  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. And I can read about it in the lobby of a hotel in Malacca! Just shows you shouldn’t stay away from cyberspace for too long.

  11. Hi Richard. That looks good for the blog’s geographic data: one reader in Malacca. See you soon!