Daily Archives: 9 July 2010

From Freecycle

Freecycle is a wonderful system for giving away stuff without leaving it sitting on the nature strip exposed to the weather. Occasionally it’s exploited by secondhand dealers (which I realised after the same person had taken four large pieces of furniture off our hands – I will no longer respond to her emails), and people do post requests for things that may be hanging around unused in other people’s houses –baby clothes, car seats, etc. A Freecycle member named Chris seems to have had some kind of crisis induced by the optimism of some of these requests, and struck back today with this lovely bit of outrageousness. I especially like the opening sentence, a nice reference to the kinds of notes that often accompany requests and offers:

Subject: [freecycle_sc] Wanted :  Lamborghini preferably 2009 model

Only genuine offerers need reply to this email I really don’t want anyone to waste my time.

If you have one up on blocks in the backyard I would be very interested in re registering it and using it for sporadic trips to the nearest ALDI supermarket for the weekly shopping.

I know that this is a really long shot but if you also have roof racks to suit that would be great as I was hoping someone here in freecycle land has a spare jet ski in their garage that they also don’t use any more that I could place on said racks and transport it at breakneck speed to the nearest waterway when I have the urge to use it.

Thanks in advance and happy freecycling

PS . I don’t want to bug you all but some straps to tie down the jet ski would be awesome. and possibly a few dollars toward the first tank of fuel wouldn’t go astray.

This almost made up for Marion being kicked off Master Chef (though Aaron’s dismay at beating her was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen on the box for a long time).