Anybody want to buy my childhood home?

The auction is on 13 November.

It’s quite a while now since it left our family. Cyclone Larry wasn’t kind to it, and tragedy struck the man who bought it from my brother and sister-in-law. So here it is again, shorn of cane paddocks and big trees, looking for a new owner.

Bath 2 Bed 4 [having been home to at least two seven-member families] Car 5
7 acres so close to town – red soil
Large queenslander – 2 sheds – High & dry
Fantastic views of river & surrounding area – very private

7 responses to “Anybody want to buy my childhood home?

  1. YES! I want to buy it. Its’very dear to my heart. I wonder how much they’re asking. Will proabably have to let it pass, baring a mircle (and of course I could only ever live there in the winter).
    Ah, Bruceleee.
    Love to you and Penny


  2. Does it get cold there in the winter? she asks, surprised.


  3. Um, no, not to people accustomed to temperate climes. My mother once wrote to say that the temperature had dropped as low as 44º F, and everyone had to go out and buy new blankets. Mind you, 44º is something like 7ºC, and would have us turning on the heaters in Sydney, but that was one-off event. The winters are generally less unbearable than the summers for people who can’t stand the heat.


  4. Strange timing. No Chinese will turn up at the auction.



  5. Water rights?


  6. Not exactly an issue in Innisfail.


  7. Good point! 🙂


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