Daily Archives: 1 January 2011

The year in review (lazily)

A handy blogging tradition which I got from Pete is to cut and paste the first line of the first post of each month of the year as a way to reflect briefly on 2010 without necessarily engaging the mind. So here goes:

January: I came out of  Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox wondering if I oughtn’t reconsider my devotion to the cinema.

February: Thanks to Antony Loewenstein for this, from Winter Soldier testimony in 2008.

March: It can’t be! Two full weeks since I blogged! I must have been busy.

April: We went this morning to what we’re told these days is even more popular with Australians than the beach or the footie – the art gallery.

May: One of my highlights of last year’s Sydney Writers Festival was Alleyway Honour in the Bankstown Town Hall.

June: Dennis Hopper does Rudyard Kipling … on the Johnny Cash show. (via Harriet the Blog)

July: Reading a book while walking is different from walking while wearing earphones.

August: This morning people in my house said to each other, ‘How about that wind?’

September: There are wordy conflagrations in Melbourne around about now that are sending occasional sparks up Sydney way.

October: Today is Arthur Boothroyd’s hundredth birthday.

November: Those who know about such things say the best introduction to Philip K Dick’s fiction is his short stories, especially ‘We Can Remember It for You Wholesale’.

December: This book inspired two of my November blog sonnets, but that’s no reason not to give it a separate entry.

No mention of weddings, buying and selling houses, girlfriend transforming from harried consultant to blithe Art Student, etc etc etc. But there you have it. Happy New Year, all!