happy birthday

Yesterday she who was formerly known as the Art Student but is still waiting for a new blogname turned 60. Nine of us are in Adelaide to celebrate- partly as a way for her to avoid having a party but mostly because she gets to take us with her visiting childhood sites, and we all get to WOMADelaide. At this morning’s birthday breakfast, I kept to my own precedent and read a sonnet. I wrote the last word just as the former Art Student came to collect me for breakfast, so it hasn’t exactly had time to ripen, but here it is:

For three score years you’ve been alive
and kicking up your heels, down doors,
my love and swive for thirty five,
co-parent, partner, joy’s main cause.
The psalmist gives you ten more years.
The Chinese give you rabbit ears:
wear red, a fresh start now, they tell us.
The Hindus say, Be forest dwellers:
reflect, find meaning now, make art.
There’s grimness, earthquakes, rising seas.
We know one day you’ll break my heart
or I yours by dying. Please,
though earth grows warmer by the hour
it’s still a garden. You’re still a flower.

[With acknowledgement of a line from Carolyn Kizer’s ‘Afternoon Happiness’]

5 responses to “happy birthday

  1. Lovely! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH! Didn’t realise it was the big 60. Just the beginning of the good times. Art and writing and sleep ins.
    Lots of love and big hugs,


  2. Loved the sonnet … hope you both had a great time in Adelaide. Youa repaving the way for us!


  3. And we had a wonderful time seeing you too!

    Happy Birthday, Art Student!


  4. Thanks all. Breakfast at the franzies on Sunday was definitely a hiughlight of the weekend — I wrote this post on Saturday or I would have mentioned it.


  5. I too loved the sonnet and visiting childhood haunts is a favourite pastime in my family, but most of all, Happy Birthday!


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