Two kinds of fame

I’ve been helping the Art Student upload some video taken at ArtRage, a recent gathering of ‘prominent’ artists to express concern over the NSW government’s attack on art education in TAFE. Although some press representatives were there, and others had said they would be, the mainstream media ignored the event. So much for the media power of prominent visual artists in New South Wales.

All of that gives added poignancy to this YouTube clip showing an encounter between rapper Jay-Z and a ‘sweet little old lady’, via the Rachel Maddow blog (the shorter clip may have been removed from YouTube, so I’m linking to the whole short documentary, Where I’m From; the bit I mean starts at about the 16:50 mark and goes for just a minute or so):

The little old lady is artist Ellen Grossman, evidently well-known on the art scene. It wouldn’t be too hard to imagine a similar encounter between one of ArtRage’s participants, say Elisabeth Cummings, and, um, Guy Sebastian.

The New York encounter has a further resonance with current events in New South Wales. Ellen Grossman did her undergraduate studies at Cooper Union in New York City, where there is currently a fight going on over the imposition of student fees. The video at that last link is fun, if you’ve got a 4 minutes and 50 seconds to spare.

One response to “Two kinds of fame

  1. My wife and I were in Brooklyn – at the Barclays Center – just a few days before that Jay Z concert. That was back story enough for me – until your own sleuthing Jonathan! Fabulous. Of course Ellen with all her confidence – camera almost certainly in her face – and lots of “guards” hanging over the scene – must have easily figured the man was significant – but she, too, significant! And why would Jay Z let alone Ellen GROSSMAN not take the subway – around NYC. And the struggle for funding of Art/Design education goes on around the so-called “developed”/First World! Send this to Piccoli & O’FARRELL (who loves popular music – probably ‘rap’ too)! Let them have the chance to ponder further on their mean-spiritedness. Enough of the sporting venues – time for temples of learning!


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