Blowing a trumpet

Today the Sydney Film Festival revealed the finalists in the 2013 Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films.

NgurrumbangNgurrumbang, directed by Alex Ryan from a script written by Alex and me, is on the list.

It’s eligible for the Live Fiction Award and the Rouben Mamoulian Award for Best Director, each bringing a cash prize of $5000, sponsored by Dendy Cinemas.

The competition looks stiff, which means the screenings will be worth attending. The winning film in the competition will be announced at the festival’s Closing Night on 16 June 2013. I plan to be there.

12 responses to “Blowing a trumpet

  1. Bravo! Author! Author!
    Congratulations on this recognition and best wishes for the big night.


  2. warmest congratulations Jonathon. Fingers crossed for even greater success!


  3. YEEHAH! Fabulous news. Congratulations to you and Alex. Everything is crossed. Big time! Oh yeah.


  4. Fantastic, Jonathan! More, please!


  5. Fantastic! If I was in Sydney I’d go along. Please keep us interstate followers updated if the film travels.


  6. Thanks all. Melissa, rest assured, if it gets shown anywhere else I’ll certainly be shouting it from this rooftop.


  7. Great that you got in. Wel deserved Im sure.


  8. I love short films in the same way I love short stories and poetry: conciseness without bloat. I hopwe this film shows to the general public


  9. There’s no bloat on this one, John. As you watch it, you can just about hear the shears slicing off anything that’s not absolutely essential. Our producer has told me that the usual process is to submit the film to festivals around the world for a year or more, and only then to try for general release – festivals won’t take short films that have had public screenings, apparently, and it’s screenings at festivals that get a film seen by people who might back future projects. But one day it might make it onto the TV …


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