Who to vote for?

We have NSW state elections coming up in a little over a month. I live in the newly created electoral seat of Newtown. If I were to decide my vote purely on the basis of advertising campaigns, there’s no competition.

This is from the Greens candidate, Jenny Leong:

And from the Labor candidate, Penny Sharpe:

Notice that the Greens candidate talks about policy in a range of areas, she talks about the nature of the electorate, and when she talks about herself it’s to tell us about her relevant experience. The Labor ad, on the other hand, is all about personality. Penny Sharpe supports same-sex marriage, and presumably can be counted on to be a staunch ALP member: the ALP as a friendship group rather than a machine. She is liked by her parliamentary colleagues and other friends who use empty words of praise, as friends do. As for the crack about her knowing bus timetables: um, would that have survived into a video about a male candidate?

The Liberal Party is fielding a candidate, Rachael Wheldall, but I couldn’t find a video.

3 responses to “Who to vote for?

  1. I find it all a continuum: I feel that ALP (I’m conflating Federal & State – and why not) policies – despite Penny’s many excellent qualities & supporters – have in fact pushed me further to the left (social environmental justice/equity) into The Greens. But given the chance to allocate preferences – they are certainly not awarded to the right!


  2. Well, yes, Jim. A lot of the things said about Penny Sharpe in that video could have been said about Stalin (not that I’m suggesting any other similarity): he was passionate, kept his eye on the big picture and paid attention to the details; his friends were pretty to sure to have said he was fabulous when the cameras were running …


  3. Bravo, Jonathan! You always say it so well! (Stalin’s mates!)


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