Daily Archives: 28 January 2021

*** New Book***

For more than a decade now, this blog has burst into rhyme every November and occasionally at other times. I’ve just published the fifth hard copy collection of these rhymes: Take Five.

I’ve given copies as New Year gifts to a number of people. If you think you should have received one, there may be one earmarked for you but still sitting on my desk because of my CPS (chronic procrastination syndrome). Email or text me and I’ll rectify the omission. Likewise if you think you should have received one or more of the previous four books.

If you don’t feel entitled to ask, you can buy a copy, cheap, from lulu.com. It may also be available from Amazon at a slightly higher price. The previous four books are for sale there, here, here, here and here. There’s information about all five books on my Publications page.