A slam poem by Alicia Payne MP

In case you missed it, here’s the splendid text of a slam poem performed at the beginning of this month by Alicia Payne, the Federal Member for Canberra in the Australian House of Representatives. Video below.

I rise today to talk about some of the reasons that we need to vote the Morrison Government out. 
'I don't hold a hose, mate'
forced handshakes of fire victims
pledging billions for recovery funds but spending none
a three year wait for the promised federal ICAC
gagging debate in this place at literally every opportunity 
hundreds of questions on notice not answered 
FOI refusals 
anonymous one million dollar donations
Watergate, Grassgate, Sports Rorts, Pork n Ride, regional rorts
The Member for Fadden's giant Internet bills 
visas for au pairs, no visas for Afghan interpreters
the Biloela family 
'Electric vehicles will end the weekend'
birthing lanes on the Barton highway
fossil fuel executives deciding government policy on the Covid commission 
the prosecution of Bernard Collaery and Witness K 
raiding a journalist's home
interference, intimidation and cuts to the ABC 
Senator Cash tipping off media to a secret AFP investigation 
Robodebt, aged-care, hotel quarantine, front of the vaccine queue
'It's not a race'
Senators Rennick, Canavan and the Member for Dawson's constant anti-vax social media posting
signing up to international agreements and walking away from them a day later 
attempts to block the Great Barrier Reef being placed on a list of endangered world heritage sites
Brittany Higgins 
the Prime Minister attacking journalists in press conferences
telling us we're lucky we weren't being shot at
'Think of it as a father' 
40,000 university jobs lost 
the Ruby Princess 
paying $30 million for land worth $3 million
spending millions on a Covid app that doesn't work
Christine Holgate 
leaking diplomatic messages

The member's time has expired

I was just getting started.

3 responses to “A slam poem by Alicia Payne MP

  1. Vielen Dank, Merci beaucoup, Muchas gracias. I have sent it on to a number of persons acknowledging you as the source…This is priceless, J.


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