Oh brave new world that has such gizmos in it!

Family Life is now behind me, and I’m about to take wing in this new blog. Too much work to be done today, though, and my last couple of posts in the old place have satisfied the urge for a while. So I’ll just say, ‘Hello sky, hello flowers, hello WordPress,’ and get on with other things. Come in and make yourself at home

5 responses to “/Blinks/

  1. Jonathan, you nearly stopped my heart announcing the demise of Family Life like that! Love the new look; fly high!

  2. I’m with Will. Shocked, I was. Then relieved. I like the decor over here.

  3. I admire your new title too. Reminiscent of Mad:
    What? Me worry?

  4. Oh, how I hate change!

  5. Good luck with this new venture! I’ll try to check in when I can.