Daily Archives: 23 June 2009

Disillusioned with Dylan (a little)

I’m having a lovely time these days listening sporadically to Bob Dylan’s Themetime Radio Hour. He plays a marvellous range of music, from the full version of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to totally esoteric blues, with lots of banjo in between, and gives good gravel-voiced DJ spiel, full of biographical snippets about the singers and songwriters he features.

But just now, listening to the program ‘Musical Map‘, I had the uneasy feeling that there was some clay in his cowboy boots. He played a song by one Hank Snow, which he described as Hank Snow’s signature song. It was ‘I’ve been everywhere, man’, a charming patter song consisting mainly of a string of US place names. No mention of a writer, just the fascinating information that Hank Snow was the man who introduced Elvis Presley’s first stint at the Old Oprey.

Bob, just in case you’re reading this, the writer of that song could have done with a mention. He was Geoff Mack. And before it was Hank Snow’s signature song, it made Lucky Starr a household name in his home country. But both of them were Australians. Not worth a moment’s notice. Apparently. Hmph!