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This needed saying

From one of my favourite political blogs, A Tiny Revolution, some belated but incisive reflections on ‘humour’ about Michael Jackson and by extension other tormented celebrities:

Anybody who runs for President, much less does what it takes to win, is just as weird as Michael Jackson was. They simply hide it better. Here was a guy so terrorized by his father that he’d vomit at the sight of him; a guy whose talent robbed him of his own childhood; a guy who spent the rest of his life mutilating himself and possibly mistreating others in an utterly doomed attempt to find release from his pain. Apportion the blame however you like, but what the hell is funny about that? The moment you stop to think about it–for one second–it no longer becomes fodder for humor. So when we laugh at a Michael Jackson joke, we should know: that’s not laughter, that’s keeping yourself dead inside.

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Corner shop: Foreshadowing

A little glimpse of what may be in store in the store:




REVOLVER … a new inner city cafe opening soon wanting to give up and coming artists a place to show what they can do … Not just another cafe.gallery selling art.

ONE SPACE ONLY!!!! … 70cm x 100cm in beautiful old gilt frame that you do what you like and we showcase it for a month no cost to you showing your contact details. No other art in the place … just you 🙂

REVOLVER has a stunning Victorian/Hip hop flavour that is going to create a new space for locals to mix it up and relax, and wants yo give any artist wanting to get great exposure a chance …

Call Rod on [see image above] or

Email at rod at revolver dot com dot au

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