Daily Archives: 26 September 2009

Café affects house prices

There was a house auction in our block today In his opening spiel, the auctioneer said that Annandale was the best place in Sydney to buy, the reasons being the wide tre-lined streets, the proximity to public transport and  … the café on the corner.


The thong-wearing (that’s footwear) woman who won the bid at $1.3 million after a heart-stopping $1000 at a time bidding war may or may not have been swayed by Revolver’s existence.

Added on 1 November: At an auction yesterday, much closer to the corner, the auctioneer made much more out of Revolver’s proximity. The fabulous Annandale lifestyle now consists, it seems, of waking up and strolling across the street for a double shot latte. And the house went for a mere $1.6 million.