Daily Archives: 19 November 2009

Bankstown Pressure Cooks

Sha’s Place is a very welcome, brand new blog by a Sydney Muslim woman who comes originally from Pakistan. Her second entry is about a project that my Penny is the moving power behind, Bankstown Pressure Cooks. The Pressure Cooks site decribes it as a competition that

is part of a celebration of the cultural diversity of the Bankstown area, encouraging Sydneysiders to recognise the culinary delights of the area. That means the competition will test [participants’] ability to cook from different cultural traditions (as well as [their] own).

Sha’s Place says:

This has by far been my most positive experience in Aussie Land. I arrived here just over a year ago and am simply amazed at the genuine warmth of the people here. My association with all members who have worked on this project has given a boost to my dwindling morale in an economy hit by recession.

There have been two rounds so far, which I haven’t blogged about because I haven’t been able to attend. The Grand Final Cook-Off happens on Saturday 28 November at Centro, Bankstown CBD from 11 o’clock in the morning.