Doing what I’m told …

… by a commenter, let me direct your attention to Your Big Break, in which a New Zealand tourist organisation is running a competition for the best three minute film pronoting New Zealand. On the basis of online submissions, a number of finalists will be flown to New Zealand in January to make their films with a budget of up to $100 000. A winner will be selected by New Zealand’s most famous director of blockbuster movies, and the film will be aired in the US. If this looks like the Big Break you’ve been waiting for, have a go.

You can look at the entries here. In particular, you can look at Alex Ryan’s entry here. There’s a little teaser and a draft script (if you don’t have a lot of time, the teaser is very short, and you can scroll to the end of the script to see how it pans out). Feel free to vote for him. Your vote counts.

What do you think?

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