Capitalism never solves its crisis problems …

… It moves them around geographically.

Have a look at this, a lecture by David Harvey rendered as an ‘Animate’ by RSA, for:

a) brilliant use of cartoon illustration

b) lucidity about the GFC

c) all round coolness.

RSA has similarly animated  lectures by, for example, Barbara Ehrenreich and Jeremy Rifkin, to brilliant effect.

Thanks to Felix Salmon, and before that Making Light’s particles.

2 responses to “Capitalism never solves its crisis problems …

  1. An 11:10 uchoob vid?
    Yeah right!

    I watched the entire thing.


    • Thought you’d like it. Actually, I wonder how many talks would stand up so well to this treatment – because as well as making it easier to follow, the process certainly makes the underlying structure of the talk eminently clear


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