Daily Archives: 23 December 2010


At the urging of the Art Student and with the permission of the Groom (and by implication the Bride), here are the sonnets I read at the wedding on Saturday. At least, this is the text I read from – I fluffed at least one line and added an aside to another.

1. When the parents of the groom were young …
We didn’t see the point, we swore.
We said, It’s just a piece of paper.
We said, No church, no state, no law.
Will bind us to this wedding caper.
But times have changed, the point’s now clear
At Ballast Point, assembled here,
This site of grim utility
Now filled with light and poetry.
What better place to make your start?
Mid rings of concrete, iron, grass, stone
Give rings of gold. The way is shown:
Be ballast for each other’s heart,
Give weight to float on even keel,
Be steerable but strong as steel.

2. Love is …
Love is patient, love is kind,
It springs up like a red, red rose,
It can be mad, it’s free and blind –
These things everybody knows.
Today, though – here’s the nitty gritty –
Love bears the names of Liam and Kitty.
No abstract framed in a museum
It lives and breathes in Kitty and Liam.
So raise the roofbeam, shoot a flare,
Bear witness to their wedding vows
And whistle as they take their bows.
Dance a jig, let down your hair.
Life’s as gloriously unpredictable as Sydney weather
May they face its best and worst together.