Dogs on ice

Here’s a dog treat idea that deserves wide currency.

You do need a little equipment: a balloon (one balloon for each dog); some scraps of meat or peanut butter or other substance attractive to dog(s); water.

Chop the meat up fine and force it into the balloon. I used a kitchen funnel. I pushed the meat into the narrow part of the funnel using the handle of a bowl scraper, then kneaded it down the neck of the balloon. It wasn’t too hard.

Fill the balloon with water. It doesn’t need to be very full – I was happy with a diameter of about seven centimetres.

Tie the balloon off, and put it into the freezer for 24 hours or more.

Give to dog(s) when they are in need of entertainment, or just when the weather is unpleasantly hot.

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7 responses to “Dogs on ice

  1. did you give it to them with the balloon already peeled off?


  2. I should have included in the instructions: Remove from freezer and peel balloon from ice. Thanks, J


  3. I can’t work out if this cruel, hilarious, genius or all three.
    Submitted to Boingboing!


  4. shawjonathan

    No no franzy, it’s not cruel. They love it: it’s like an ice block kong


  5. “ice block kong”
    The only kongs I know about are Hong, King and Donkey.


  6. shawjonathan

    Franzy: For a google generated gallery of kong dog toys, see this link.


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