Wall conversation

Here’s a nice non-facebook wall conversation from a neighbouring suburb. If I had Photoshop I would restore YUPPIE in the first image to YOUR, which is what was there the first time I saw this wall.

Someone who felt this message was intended for them struck back:

Then yesterday a third and perhaps even a fourth, dauber chimed in:

2 responses to “Wall conversation

  1. Love it!
    It’s far better than the awful ‘ASIANS OUT’ that appeared on a wall in Adelaide during my uni days. It was a huge relief to see that some clever clogs had added ‘take’ and ‘to lunch’ which made it read:
    ‘TAKE ASIANS OUT TO LUNCH’ – and became a rather beloved piece of city art for years.

    …..I wonder if someone’s going to add ‘buy me a latte and we’ll discuss this’ to the graffiti you’ve photographed above?


  2. That’s great, Kath. Right up there with God hates homos but he loves taboulli


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