Daily Archives: 18 July 2011

Another corner shop

Having lived through the excitement of the coming of Revolver to Annandale Street a couple of years back, this blog is having flashbacks as another corner shop is in the process of being transformed just down the road. When we moved here five months or so ago, the shop on the corner of Edgeware Road and Alice Street was boarded up. We heard rumours that it was to be a coffee shop, but the For Sale sign with its annotation Offer Under Consideration made the rumours seem insubstantial. In recent weeks, all that has changed.

It’s still a construction site and the old milk bar signage is still there, but things are happening. Unlike Revolver, which stayed nameless almost until the opening day, this establishment has announced its new identity: The Wolf & Honeybee Cafe Gallery. Unlike Rod and Chie of Revolver, who kept the neighbours informed on progress with a series of charming bulletins on  the old shop’s boarded up windows, the Wolf & Honeybee’s Conal is silent on the street but has a stylish web presence: a web site, an Eatability listing (which is where I got Conal’s name), and a facebook presence that includes photos of the site being cleaned up and, Art Student take note, intimations that they will soon be calling for submissions of artwork. Unlike the northern end of Annandale, this area is well endowed with coffee places: there’s Petty Cash, the Bourke Street Bakery in Mitchell Street, Kellerman’s at the pool, the Bell Jar on Alice Street and any number of chains in the Metro around the corner. Still, it seems there’s always room for more. I’m looking forward to the opening, which they hope will be at the end of the month.