Daily Archives: 5 July 2011

Ah, the fourth estate

I recently saw Jon Stewart in conversation with someone on the US Fox network. His interlocutor claimed to see an equivalence between Fox’s reactionary agenda and the liberal agenda of, for example, the New York Times. Stewart conceded that the Times had a liberal bent, but, he said, it wasn’t an agenda like Fox’s. The problem he saw in the mainstream press was not ideological blinkeredness, but laziness and sensationalism. I thought of that exchange when I saw this little trio of posters outside the newsagents in Woolgoolga.


But I suppose ‘We don’t know how serious the hendra outbreak is’, ‘Solar industry spokesperson overstates case’ and ‘Muslim community generally approves legislation on burqa’ just don’t get the adrenaline running or serve anyone’s interests apart from the public’s.