Pathetic blogger

Pathetic, that’s me. But just to keep some kind of action happening on these pages, here’s a snap from my local supermarket which is a bit of an object lesson in the importance of line breaks.

I really thought they were offering a new kind of schnitzel made of calves’ hearts (urk!) until I saw the similarly worded ad for beef schnitzel with the line break after ‘beef’.

That’s all for now.

2 responses to “Pathetic blogger

  1. You had gone missing from Cyberspace, Jonathan, and I was getting worried. Glad to hear you were only out doing the shopping.


  2. that made me laugh. And you have been a pretty pathetic blogger lately. Ivé been more prolific blog wise which is really looking bad for you! Jsut finished the Cambodian rewrite – wellt eh first run through anyway – This time around.


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