The wolf and honeybee draw near

The Wolf and Honeybee cafe is no longer a promising cloud on the horizon. It’s overhead and looks ready to send the welcome rain to a parched land (well, the land isn’t really parched, but it will be nice to have the cafe open.)

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3 responses to “The wolf and honeybee draw near

  1. We’re eagerly awaiting the opening too, Jonathan. Trading from this Thursday, we’ve heard. Official opening soon after that. People have already been wandering in and asking for coffee.


  2. Hi Jonathon,
    I have it on very good authority that Wolf and Honeybee will open sometime Thursday September 22, depending on arrival of coffee and other vital supplies.
    Hope to see you there sometime soon,
    Margo B.


  3. Thanks Margo. I imagine your authority is the best possible. My diary now is telling me to drop in there tomorrow afternoon for a hot chocolate.


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