Daily Archives: 5 October 2011


Last night the Hardware Gallery in Marrickville opened its fifth annual collaboration with The Sydney Gallery School. (The Gallery School is aka Meadowbank TAFE – threatened as are all TAFEs by a recent not much publicised COAG discussion paper. But this is post about good things in the present, not the whittling away of the public good in the near future.)

The collaboration is an exhibition entitled Rabbit Proof, featuring work by second and third year printmaking students at TGS and artists affiliated with the Gallery. It’s a charming exhibition, with more rabbits than anyone would care to poke a stick at, with Hopping Hare Alexis those who wanted alcohol. One of the prints is by her who is known here as The Art Student. At the end of the launch, only two works had sold two prints, and hers was one of them! Soon I really will have to drop the Student part of her nom de blog.

If you go to the Gallery website, you can see photos of some of the prints, including hers, ‘The Landing’, which plays around with one of the famous paintings of Cook’s landing at Botany Bay. You’ll recognise it when you see it.