Daily Archives: 21 November 2011

LoSoRhyMo #9: Deadline

Oh no, I’ve fallen behind schedule even on my fun! If I’m to manage 14 sonnets in November I need to push out one every two days, allowing for a couple of days slippage. It’s now the 21st and I’ve only done eight. Here’s a very quick one.

Sonnet 9: I love to hear them whooshing by
I cannot, will not touch a key
on my computer keyboard now,
although I know it’s time to be
delivering that text. Oh how
I though it would be fun to write –
this guilt by day, this ghost by night,
this task that makes my blood run slow
and gives all else a tempting glow!
St Frank the patron saint of writers
is also patron of the deaf.
That fact’s a whistle from the ref –
don’t listen to the world’s detritus.
Disconnect, log out, ignore
all writing not being writ by Shaw.

OK, now I’m off to have a tomato and cheese sandwich then take my own advice.