Scar! The Movie

I’ve been sitting on this for weeks, but I can blog about it at last.

My son Alex and I have been working together on a short film project. I wrote the script, and after what we thought was a gruelling process of rewriting, to the extent that Alex is definitely co-writer, we submitted it for Metro Screen funding, and it was the successful contender. The script has gone through a number of drafts since then, a fascinating process that makes what we thought was gruelling look mild. And now, while I’m away in Turkey, Alex has been finding locations, casting (the actors look fabulously right), and – as of today – setting about raising extra funding through Pozible.

I can’t figure out how to make the Pozible widget in WordPress, so here’s the link: Have a look. Its a very exciting project.]

If you give a thousand dollars you get credit as Executive Producer, $5 will get you an onscreen thank you, and somewhere in between there are free DVDs on offer. No pressure, dear readers, but feel free to make a donation.

5 responses to “Scar! The Movie

  1. Congratulations, Jonathan. And good luck with it.


  2. Noel BEDDOE at this moment being interviewed on 7.30 about a novel he has written about the Wiradjuri at Narrandera and Murdering Island! His novel re-creation a title something like The Yaldara Crossing. I will be in the district from to-morrow evening.


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