The indefatigable Art Student

The Art Student has been busy since we arrived home from splendidly warm northern places. Currently at the Balmain Watch House there’s an exhibition of prints, nominally by the graduating third year printmaking students from The Gallery School, Meadowbank, but actually including work by a large number of professional artists. You can catch it this Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 4. (Information at the Balmain Association web page: click on the link and scroll down to ‘Printeresting’.)

The Art Student is one of the third year students. We’ve been living with her big piece – ‘The details’ – for months, but it only came together last week, with help from our clever industrial designer son. In case you can’t tell from the photo, it’s like a giant version of one of those sliding puzzles, inspired in large part by Heather Goodall’s Invasion to Embassy: Land in Aboriginal Politics in New South Wales, 1770-1992, which lays out in some detail the way Aboriginal people in this state have been dispossessed, driven off their land repeatedly. You may be able to read some of the small text if you click through. And no, the pieces of the puzzle don’t move. Even if they did, there’s no obvious solution. [Added after the AS saw this post: The blue in some of the internal borders isn’t there in the actual work – it’s the black acrylic backing reflecting the flash.]

Not satisfied with making art, the AS has been busy with FAIM (Fine Arts Incorporated Meadowbank), an organisation started by students and alumnae of The Gallery School with the aim, among other things, of raising the profile of the school’s See Street Gallery. Coming up is their first fabulous major initiative, the Hungry for Art Festival, which is going to be bigger than Ben Hur, with exhibitions, competitions, an Art Trail through the Ryde Municipality, you name it. From the web site:

  • DrawFest & Open Day, 18 August – The Sydney Gallery School … present a full day’s program of art exhibitions, talks, workshops, drawing and sculpture activities, art market, performance, music, food and more.
  • Art Trail, 19 August – The suburbs come alive with the first ever Art Trail. Local artists open their doors, providing a rare opportunity to see inside their studios. Galleries and visual art businesses will participate revealing a region rich in creative activity.

There’s a Mobile Phone Photo Competition that closes this Friday, open to anyone who lives, works or plays in Ryde Municipality – and who has never played in Ryde? Go on, how often do you get a chance to have one of your photos hung in a white-wall gallery?

3 responses to “The indefatigable Art Student

  1. Uncle Colin WALKER’s comment: – did I make out that he is/was from Cummera(gunja) – the basis for Hyllus MARIS’ “Women of the Sun” episode? It nudges my memory of a lad I taught at Deniliquin High in 1973 with the family name WALKER. It is hard to believe now that within living memory for some that such treatment was meted out to our fellows – and the negative influence that has had on Indigenous people is impossible to measure – but this work becomes part of the healing, surely! I think too of “Lousy Little Sixpence” – and now the film of the women’s group which performed in Viet-nam “The Sapphires” – the elements are all coming together to ensure that from “Baloga” before and onwards – the stories of the Yorta Yorta and others are NOT erased but built upon – extraordinary strength, resilience – and AFL fame, too, not forgetting Doug Nicholls – later Pastor and knighted – Governor of South Australia!


  2. Very sorry to be missing it.

    I assume the ‘The Details’ will have found a buyer and a new home by the time we’re back, but should it still be available for public viewing, we look forward to seeing it.


    • I wish the AS shared that assumption, Richard. SHe doesn’t share my high opinion of it at all. She has sold a number of the individual prints, though.


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