NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2013

The 2012 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards Dinner  seems like just last week, yet it was actually last week that this year’s short list was announced. The list is up on the web site of the State Library, which now administers the awards.

I’ve read one of the novels with my book group (less than enthusiastic blog post here) and liked the look of another one so much I gave it to someone twice – for Christmas and then for her birthday. I haven’t read any of the non-fiction, though I have bought a copy of one. I’ve read one of the poetry books (here) and enjoyed being read to by a number of the other listed poets. Regretfully I’ve read only one of the books for children or young people (which I loved, here). I’ve seen a production of one of the playscripts (here) and one of the TV scripts (here). I haven’t read any of the ‘multicultural’ titles.

Today I received an email invitation to the Awards Dinner. Should I buy a ticket? It costs as much as about 15 nights at the movies or two cheap seats at the Opera – nearly half as much as one of the flash seats for Carmen on the Harbour. Last year I had a horse in the race, if a book by a niece counts as a horse, and the cost was immaterial. This year …?

7 responses to “NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2013

  1. I can’t say I see the attraction of attending any sort of awards night, in comparison to fifteen nights at the movies or a night at the opera.

    Mind you, if you went and blogged about it later, it would be interesting for the rest of us!


  2. It sounds as though it has turned into a celebrities/A-List kind of night. Fair enough if 90% of the costs go towards funding further awards – but otherwise I would think it worth staying home and reading about afterwards. Last year for you was personal – fair enough. This year? (I am left with your question mark, too!) El’s suggestion – perhaps you could seek funding to support your attendance? Perhaps the SMH might buy your report as another way of paying for the ticket/s!


    • Not really, Jim. Still the same old (and young) writers, most of them on tickets paid for by their publishers, then the publishers, agents, judges and their significant others. It has become more glitzy over the years, but I doubt if [insert name of famous model or media magnate here] will ever turn up. And for me, in a way, it is personal every year – a number of people I’ve worked with have been shortlisted over the years, including this year, one previous boss and the father of another have won the special award, etc. SAdly, the SMH isn’t interested in the kind of selective, opinionated report I like to write. I suggested to the Art Student that I should try to raise the money on pozible.com. Being a wise person she told me I was dreaming.


  3. The rule is to go only if you’re fairly sure you’ll win something, Jonathan.

    They way to find that out is not to book until the organisers ring and tell you ‘we think you really should be there.’


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