Daily Archives: 17 October 2013

The sky today

Bushfires have been threatening, and worse than threatening, a number of rural communities in New South Wales. The sky over Sydney was grim, as the many photos posted on social media attested. Embers have been falling on the surf at Bondi and Narrabeen, and in our dog’s water bowl here in Marrickville. It’s only mid October.

If bush fires can start early, so can my sonnets.

Here in Sydney, mid October,
the sky is blanketed in smoke.
Springtime bush fires strike a sober
note – this climate change, no joke,
is promising a nasty summer.
It’s crap, says PM Abbott. Bummer!
Though left-wing Nature now attacks
he’ll still repeal the carbon tax.
A hundred homes and more are burning
but he has promises to keep
to Murdoch, Rinehart, Pell. The sleep
of Reason brings forth monsters. Turning
profits will decide our fate
unless … unless … it’s not too late