November Rhyme #7

Friday was Sydney’s second hottest November day on record. I went for a walk with two friends from my teenage and young adult years that I’ve recently renewed contact with.

Rhyme # 7: 
Three old men in shorts went walking
out in November’s hottest day –
walking, talking, and some gawking
as we passed by Lady Bay
where brave souls bared all to the weather,
bodies turning slow to leather.
We reached South Head, its ocean breeze,
the Gap, and ancient friendship’s ease.
The times we shared, the years we’ve travelled
different paths, loves won and lost,
lessons learned, and bridges crossed,
the histories that we’ve unravelled:
we talked, and round our old men’s noise
we felt warm ghosts of teenage boys.

2 responses to “November Rhyme #7

  1. 50 years since I left Tamworth – now back – place names about the only things still familiar. I’ve been circling my own youth, too, Jonathan. To-day (Saturday – now already yesterday) a Cultural Tour to Moore Creek (Tamworth’s north) to Wave Rock (way above Moonbi) and an important rock art site back near Tamworth. Led by Len WATERS – a true living national treasure – and senior Gomeroi man originally from Toomelah – through the auspices of a vigorous Tamworth Art Gallery! Len leads another similar tour tour next Saturday – I am booked for that as well! He worked decades ago with my brother – small world stuff – of course!


  2. A lovely one, Jonathan!


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