Daily Archives: 2 December 2015

November rhyme # 14

Better late than never. At least the event that inspired this happened in November:

Rhyme #14: Dinner 
From canapes to mango cheesecake
conversation didn’t flag.
(Two teenage boys sat mute – like, please make
this weird food go. It makes me gag.)
A window shows the inner working
of lab mice. There’s no one smirking
that a boyfriend in North Bay
was hit by two cars. Who can stray
down George Street in a hypo stupor
or drop unconscious in a pool
while holding baby? The Art School
exhibition’s still on – super!
Records from ASIO. Oh my!
Too much man sex in London Spy.

And so ends my task of 14 rhymes for November for 2015. I told the emerging Artist (formerly the Art Student) that I was thinking of keeping the doggerel  up, if at a slower rate, as a regular thing in the blog. Tactfully, she said people really like my prose. So normal functioning will resume shortly.